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Just to remind all of you, due to some incidences...

GOD MODDING is prohibited. That's FINAL.
If you go against this rule, you'll be automatically cut.

Please, be respectful to your other Muns, its part of Comm etiquette after all.

Your Mods

Comment below so we know you understand...
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Your (own) name:
Your characters real occupation/which band?:
Character's name:
Character's age:
Character's sexuality:
What do you plan on having your character do in the community?(Job/Role):
Current residence/living:
AIM/Journal examples:
[Compilation journals are accepted or you may just PM them to the mod.]
Journal name:
AIM name:
Were they on hold:
Please provide a photo:

Jobs or roles can consist of different things, Job is obviously what they do to make money. For example: Store employee, Cop, Musician, Anything what a person can do in real life. A Role is a persons habit people should know about. like being a drug user.

Aim/Journal examples is a writing sample so that we can see what your muse is like/what your writing style is.