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the Distorted City

The Distorted City - Tokyo
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Distorted Information

Can you feel it; that slight tingling feeling that flows through you when walking the busy city streets, surrounded by so many? So many different people, with different background and stories...leading lives the way they see fit for them. Well that is the rush after all...

Expected Rush is a online AU communtiy based on the busy city streets of Tokyo. in this comm lets you mold everything about your muse, in other words; you choose the muse, you choose their lifestyle, job, background....whatever you see fit for them; baker, shop owner, model, doctor...even a mob boss if you choose (note* mob boss postions can only be claimed by three muses...so if you want to be a mob boss and the spots are filled, then sorry, maybe a thug would safice?) so anything at all really, but NO BUMS!!! everyone needs to have a job of some sort~
Now close your eyes and relax back, letting the rush take you over....


Before you apply, be sure to read the rules.

1. You must update your journal at least once a month with an entry of about 1 or 2 paragraphs. Picture posts, surveys and others of sorts do not count! You should be active as much as possible on AIM as well, But we understand if this is not possible with work/school. If you can not, post a hiatus at expect_ooc. If there hasn’t been posted in more then five weeks, You will get a warning and a week to update. Week over, no post? You will be removed.

2. Don't Mix IC and OOC, If there is any OOC trouble, tell the mod. Most infractions will receive a warning while OOC drama will result in instant removal/banning.

3. You need a livejournal and an AIM account for this roleplay. Livejournal accounts will not be shared by 2 or more muses. One journal per muse. Journals should also be just for this game to avoid confusion. AIM account can be shared for more characters.

4. Only Asian artists/entertainers are allowed.

5. For yakuza bosses there is a limitation of three in rule of gangs while there is an unlimited number affiliated under one specific yakuza boss.

6. All Posts in your own journals must be locked.

7. You can only play 5 characters/muses. Period.

8. If you have read the rules please be sure to add Metamorphose to the application title.

9. On your livejournal account you need to have at least ONE icon of your muse.

10. The death of a character will, in most cases, ruin the claiming of that character for other people. So unless there is a really, really high need for them to die it can't be done. If you feel your character falls under this criteria speak to a mod.

11. We’re actually not as strict as we seem..nor is this community.

12. You should read this information aswell while you're at it. It explains a lot

13. Japanese(Romaji, Katakana, Hiragana) Or any other language besides english is not allowed in the journals, Not everyone speaks the same languages so keep it to english or add a translation. If not you will be warned, If it happens again you will be kicked.

14. There will be absolutely NO GODMODDING!! It's strictly prohibited!!!

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